August 31, 2005

General Motors to help hurricane victims in southern U.S.

Detroit, Michigan – General Motors has announced that the GM Foundation and GMAC will make a combined immediate cash donation of US$400,000 to the American Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief Fund, in support of relief work in parts of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida affected by Hurricane Katrina. The GM Foundation has pledged up to an additional US$250,000 in matching funds for contributions made to the fund by GM and GMAC employees.

In addition, GM is providing more than 25 cars and trucks to the Red Cross for use in transporting volunteers, food, water and medical supplies, while the company’s Shreveport, Louisiana assembly facility is working with the local Red Cross chapter to collect supplies of bedding for evacuees entering the area. As well, OnStar is providing routing requests, hotel reservations, weather updates, gas station directions, and help in contacting relatives and public safety providers for customers based in, or travelling in, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

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