February 21, 2002

General Motors teams with EPA to address climate concerns

Washington, D.C. – General Motors is joining the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate Leaders Partnership, a new, voluntary program that challenges its partners to set an aggressive, corporate-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goal. As part of the program, partners inventory their GHG emissions to track progress toward their reduction goal.

“Working with the EPA through Climate Leaders is a way for GM to demonstrate our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and is an excellent example of a collaborative public-private partnership,” said Elizabeth A. Lowery, GM vice president, Environment and Energy.

Under the partnership, GM has agreed to submit a company-wide inventory of GHG emissions annually; and enter into discussions with the EPA to develop a U.S. corporate-wide reduction goal to be achieved over five years.

In return, the EPA will provide partners with the technical assistance necessary to complete an inventory of emissions associated with energy purchases at facilities participating in the program and provide partners with a GHG protocol to inventory their GHG emissions.

GM is now in the midst of an aggressive program employing the EPA’s Energy Star principles to reduce energy usage at its North American facilities by 25 percent by the end of 2005. After six years, GM is squarely on target, having already reduced energy consumption by over 16 percent from 1995 levels. Through the EPA’s Climate Leaders Program, GM has committed to a 10 percent reduction in CO2 emissions from its facilities between 2000-2005.

In addition to energy and CO2 reduction through programs such as the EPA’s Green Lights and Energy Star Buildings Partnership, General Motors has also been actively pursuing renewable energy projects through its participation in the EPA’s Green Power Partnership, Landfill Methane Outreach Program, Combined Heat and Power Program, and its membership in the World Resources Institute Green Power Market Development Group. GM’s Partnership with the Department of Energy’s FreedomCar Program makes a commitment toward creating a future where the vehicle’s environmental impact is lessened.

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