March 26, 2004

General Motors receives National Watershed Award

Oshawa, Ontario – General Motors was honoured by The Conservation Fund with the CF Industries National Watershed Award for its involvement in the Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) program. The GREEN program is a non-profit environmental education program that provides nationwide volunteer and financial support for watershed education efforts.

Across the U.S and Canada, the GM-GREEN program involves employees from 45 GM facilities who work with students from more than 175 classrooms. In 2003 alone, the program engaged more than 8,500 students, who developed an understanding for and made real improvements in their local water resources.

In Oshawa, GM employees from Autoplex and the Canadian Headquarters building have worked with two local high schools in 2003. GM has a long-standing partnership with G.L. Roberts CVI. GM has helped develop curricula for the Grade 11 Watershed Monitoring & Management course which is now in it’s second year. GM mentors participate in stream monitoring activities with the class. At Donevan Collegiate, GM mentors participated in monitoring activities at Harmony Creek. At both locations, students conducted water quality testing, aquatic life surveys and did streamflow measurements.

“The GM-GREEN program provides a hands-on learning approach that makes learning come alive. Students take textbook concepts and apply them to real-world situations, resulting in a demonstration of the value of protecting river systems,” said Elizabeth Lowery, GM vice president, Environment and Energy. “These participatory learning experiences go a long way to providing meaningful and lasting impressions that make a difference.”

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