August 5, 2004

General Motors recalls 123,678 cars

Vancouver, B.C. – In six separate safety-related recalls, General Motors has recalled a total of 123,678 vehicles. The first involves 41,928 Cadillac CTS, SRX, and XLR and Chevrolet Corvettes, model year 2004, to inspect potentially faulty ball stud nut/washer assemblies which could become loose and fall off, thereby affecting steering.

The second GM recall involves 47,991 Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo and Pontiac Grand Prix models, model year 2004, which were produced with lower than specified torque on both front brake calipers to steering knuckle attachment bolts. Depending on whether one or both bolts backs out or fractures, the result can be locking of the affected wheel during braking and an abrupt steering input in the direction of the locked wheel, reduced braking and noise from the affected wheel, or severing of a brake hose, increased brake pedal travel, and reduced steering control.

A third GM recall specifies 29,951 GMC Envoy and Oldsmobile Bravada sport utility vehicles equipped with an electronically controlled air suspension. A brief electrical spike can disrupt the powertrain control module (PCM) causing the vehicle to stall.

In addition, a small number of 2004 Saturn Ions were recalled to replace a fuel feed pipe, some Pontiac Grand Prixs were recalled to inspect a faulty front frame bracket, and some Pontiac Grand Ams were recalled to fix a potential fuel tank leak.

In other recalls, DaimlerChrysler recalled 438,391 PT Cruisers, model years 2001-2005. On certain vehicles equipped with 2.4 litre non-turbo engines and automatic transaxles, the high pressure power steering hose routing could allow contact with the automatic transaxle differential cover, potentially damaging the hose. Power steering fluid leakage in the presence of an ignition source can result in an under hood fire.

Honda has recalled 130,617 CR-Vs, model years 2002-2004, to inspect the wiring harness of the driver’s front air bag which may be improperly wired.

Mercedes-Benz recalled 143,387 SL Class sports cars, model years 2003-2004. If these vehicles are not routinely serviced and have extremely high mileage combined with a high number of brake actuations, or a high brake actuation frequency, the pump motor of the Sensotronic Brake Control may revert to the hydraulic function mode.

Subaru has recalled 1,959 Outbacks, model year 2005, to replace faulty side curtain airbags.

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