October 24, 2007

GE Global Research announces US$6.8 million to accelerate plug-in hybrid vehicle technology

Niskayuna, New York – GE Global Research, the centralized research organization of General Electric, has announced US$6.8 million in funding for two projects with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to help accelerate the introduction of plug-in hybrid vehicles to market.

The first project is a US$5.6 million contract to develop smaller, lower-cost, higher-performing hybrid drivetrain motors; the second is a US$1.2 million project to develop advanced high-temperature, high-energy density capacitors. The company says that both technologies are critical to enable the commercialization of plug-in vehicles.

“With concerns about global climate change and greenhouse gas emissions growing, plug-in hybrid vehicles are seen as one of the most promising solutions in the transportation sector for reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” says Lembit Salasoo, Project Manager, GE Global Research. “But to be commercially viable on a large scale, key advancements will be needed in hybrid drivetrain motors and high-density, high-temperature capacitor technologies. These are both areas where GE has considerable expertise. We can draw from decades of experience in advanced materials development, motor designs, hybrid propulsion systems and capacitor research to deliver the necessary breakthroughs.”

The company says the focus of the project is to have a scalable family of hybrid vehicle interior permanent magnet motor designs that are validated by testing and ready to supply U.S. and global markets.

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