Toronto, Ontario – Canadian sales of vehicles equipped to run on alternative fuels grew from 2006 to 2007, but traditional gasoline-powered cars and light trucks still accounted for more than 9 out of every 10 sales in 2007, accounting to a report by J.D. Power and Associates. Alternative-fuel vehicles include gasoline/electric, diesel and ethanol.

Diesel penetration actually dropped by one percentage point, mostly due to Volkswagen’s temporary withdrawal from the diesel market. In contrast, deliveries of ethanol-compatible vehicles increased more than six-fold, to almost four per cent of the market, as both GM and Chrysler expanded their portfolios of ethanol-friendly vehicles. Deliveries of hybrid models more than doubled, but still remained at less than one per cent of overall new-vehicle sales.

Among individual Canadian metropolitan markets, diesel penetration in Calgary and Edmonton in 2007 was much higher than in any other market, while sales of gasoline-powered vehicles were lower. Hybrid sales were highest in Vancouver, at more than twice as high as the next market, and double the 2006 rate. Gasoline-powered vehicles accounted for more than 94 per cent of all new-vehicle sales in Toronto and Montreal, although both of these were down from the previous year.

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