June 14, 2002

Future Trucks arrive in Arizona for competition finals

Yucca, Arizona – Teams from fifteen North American universities arrived at Ford’s Arizona Proving Grounds this week to begin National Competition Finals in the FutureTruck 2002 competition. The annual FutureTruck competition challenges student teams to re-engineer SUV’s to improve fuel economy while retaining the vehicle’s utility and customer appeal. Different auto manufacturers supply vehicles for the competition each year – this year, students are working with 2002 Ford Explorers.

At the Proving Grounds, students will be judged in acceleration, off-road, trailer towing and on-road fuel economy events. The student teams have implemented cutting-edge automotive technologies, including lightweight materials, fuel cells and other advanced propulsion systems and alternative fuels such as ethanol and hydrogen in order to compete.

Additional information about the FutureTruck 2002 program is available at www.futuretruck.org.

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