July 10, 2007

‘Freedom from Oil Campaign’ applauds Ford’s promise to build 20 plug-in hybrids by 2009


Jason Minvielle and Michael Vaughan, with the Hosermobile.
Jason Minvielle and Michael Vaughan, with the Hosermobile; photo by Nicole Griffin. Click image to enlarge


San Francisco, California – Rainforest Action Network Campaign Director Sarah Connolly and Global Exchange Campaign Director Mike Hudema released the following statement in response to Ford Motor Company’s announcement that it would team with Southern California Edison to build as many as 20 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle prototypes by 2009:

“We applaud Ford’s bold commitment to build the first ever road-ready, consumer-class plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Consumers have been waiting a long time for an automaker to offer the next generation of ultra-fuel-efficient, gasoline-optional cars. Plug-in hybrids could very well be the key to breaking America’s destructive oil addiction by giving consumers a viable alternative to the gas-guzzling cars and trucks currently clogging our roads and polluting our atmosphere.

“Plug-in vehicles, which use proven technology that is capable of achieving over 100 miles per gallon, make the U.S. Senate’s goal of 35 miles per gallon by 2020 seem painfully conservative. We are encouraged by what appears to be a sincere effort by Ford and Southern California Edison to chip away at the auto industry’s longstanding relationship with Big Oil. By being the first automaker to put a plug-in hybrid on the road, Ford is leaving its competitors in the dust.

“Powering America’s cars by electricity rather than oil will help America kick its oil addiction once and for all. Yet, despite the hope raised by today’s announcement, plenty of work remains. Utilities must earnestly begin the shift away from dirty coal and toward renewable energy sources. A green grid powered by wind and sun can cleanly recharge car batteries and help tackle our twin crises of oil addiction and global warming.”

The Freedom from Oil campaign is working to end America’s oil dependence, reduce oil related conflicts, and stop global climate change by convincing the auto industry to dramatically improve fuel efficiency and eliminate vehicle greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information, visit FreedomFromOil.org.

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