November 24, 2006

Fraudulent letters sent to U.S. consumers name Ontario Lottery and DaimlerChrysler

Farmington Hills, Michigan – Consumers across the U.S. have received fraudulent letters, supposedly sent by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, claiming they have won US$170,000. The letters contain counterfeit cheques allegedly issued by DaimlerChrysler.

The cheques, in the amount of US$2,260, are made out by “DaimlerChrysler Services” and “DaimlerChrysler Services Truck Finance”. Last January, the company changed the company names to DaimlerChrysler Financial Services and DaimlerChrysler Truck Financial.

Recipients are asked to deposit the cheques to cover a service charge of the same amount, in order to receive the US$170,000. However, before the cheques clears, recipients are asked to call a representative of the phony lottery and gaming commission, who instructs them to send a personal cheque via electronic transfer for US$2,260 to “finalize the payment process”. The original cheque does not clear, and the recipient is out the US$2,260.

Victims of the fraud are encouraged to file a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, by calling 1-877-382-4357, or by downloading and submitting a complaint form online at

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