After being told they can drop the brand, Scion dealer meeting patrons were treated to glimpses at future product in the pipeline.

Shown as concept only, the FR-S Open concept was passed off as just a pie in the sky dream for those wanting the dynamics of the FR-S with a hair dryer option. But, if a dealer meeting in Atlanta is a sign of things to come, a convertible FR-S might not be the only vehicle being added to the Scion lineup.

A convertible FR-S is now certainly on the way, adding to Scion’s aging, small fleet of offerings. Another model, a compact crossover, is also slated for production, meant as a competitor to a yet to be released Fit-based Honda crossover.

This comes after dealers in the US were told they could drop the brand from their Toyota stores if they so choose. Scion has seen lacklustre sales as of late, nowhere near the highs they experienced in 2006 with a wildly successful two-box xB and tC coupe.

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