Australian outlet reports FR-S-based hybrid sedan could arrive in Geneva next year seems to believe some wild rumours from one of its sources. According to the website down under, Toyota is planning a stretched GT86 (our Scion FR-S) with two extra doors and a back seat. The model will also feature a similar hybrid system as the Yaris Hybrid R.

Reports have swirled amongst many outlets this week stating a drop-top version of Toyota’s rear-drive sports car has been axed (or at least shelved for later). With this new report, it seems Toyota sees more value in bringing a hybrid sedan version of the car to market before the convertible.

The sedan will see a 100mm longer wheelbase than the FR-S and styling distinct from the coupe. It will also sport more power than the coupe, around 270 hp, due to the addition of the hybrid powertrain. The one-motor parallel drive system is expected to be fed by a flywheel-type KERS system, storing energy under braking.

What do we think? Don’t hold your breath.


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