August 13, 2003

Four Canadians officially change surname to Dunlop Tire

Toronto, Ontario – Four Canadians named Goodyear now officially answer to the surname Dunlop.
Bradley, Jackson, Brian and Janice Dunlop, nee Goodyear, rose to the
challenge of the Dunlop Name Swap, which dared Canadians with tire surnames
to become Dunlops for an equal share of the promotion’s $25,000 prize purse.
Each new Dunlop rolls away with $6,250 plus reimbursement for the costs of
making the tire-name rotation.

Dunlop Tires’ four new ambassadors hail from Calgary (Bradley Dunlop),
Toronto (Jackson Dunlop and Brian Dunlop) and Badger’s Quay (pronounced
“key”), Newfoundland (Janice Dunlop).

The Dunlop Name Swap is the second phase of a unique campaign that began in
2002, when Peter, Jason, Tracy and Bill Dunlop changed their surnames to
“Dunlop-Tire” as part of the Dunlop Tire-d of Your Name Challenge.

In order to find out if the average Canadian would be up to the multiphase
name change challenge, Dunlop Tires commissioned Decima Research to poll the
attitudes and opinions of a statistically accurate cross-section of
Canadians. According to the poll, 42% of Canadians believe that changing
one’s name to adopt corporate brands will become a new form of corporate
marketing. Furthermore, 37% said they would adopt a corporate brand name if
paid well to do so.

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