March 12, 2002

Four Canadians change surnames to “Dunlop-Tire”

Toronto, Ontario – Four Canadians have responded to a Dunlop Tire promotion asking people with the surname ‘Dunlop’ to change their surname to ‘Dunlop-Tire’. Traci, Jason, Bill and Peter Dunlop all legally adopted the surname ‘Dunlop-Tire’ by the March 11th deadline. Each person will have an equal share of $25,000 prize money, assuming no other “Dunlops” previously registered in the Challenge step forward with proof that they changed their surname to “Dunlop-Tire”.

“We’re delighted to welcome Traci, Jason, Bill and Peter Dunlop-Tire to the family,” said Sam Fry, Product Manager (Canada), Dunlop Tires. “At Dunlop Tires, we’ve always encouraged consumers to make their mark, and we’re pleased to introduce four Canadians today who have done just that, and then

The four Dunlops hail from Calgary (Traci Dunlop-Tire), Winnipeg (Jason Dunlop-Tire), Toronto (Bill Dunlop-Tire) and Barrie, Ontario (Peter Dunlop-Tire).

Prior to the name-changing contest, Dunlop Tire commissioned a research firm to poll the attitudes and opinions of a statistically accurate cross-section of Canadians. According to the poll, 42% of Canadians believe that changing one’s name to adopt corporate brands will become a new form of corporate marketing. Furthermore, 37% said they would adopt a corporate brand name if paid well to do so.

After announcing The Dunlop Tired of Your Name Challenge in December, 2001, more than 100 “Dunlops” contacted Dunlop Tires. By January, 2002, 49 eligible “Dunlops” met the deadline for a written application to participate in the promotion. To be eligible to participate, candidates had to be over 18 years of age, reside in Canada and have the surname “Dunlop”. Several inquiries from across the United States and as far away as Hungary were rejected.

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