Edmonton, Alberta – Fountain Tire has announced a new corporate-wide safety program for customers and employees, using the nationally-recognized Certificates of Recognition (COR) program for safety excellence.

The COR program sets the safety standard in every province in Canada; safety programs built according to the COR-identified standards result in an environment that offers personal security and reduces risk to every person walking through the door of a COR-certified business, the company said.

“It’s important to recognize that each person entering a Fountain Tire, whether it be a customer or associate, is entering a secure and safe environment,” said Janice Robertson, Fountain Tire’s safety manager. “We display our safety policies in every Fountain Tire showroom, and augment them with a safety communication centre for people to get more information or provide feedback.”

The company offers various resources for safety communication and education, including a Safety Help Desk for emails, a toll-free hotline, and “Near Miss” cards available in every store for customers with safety concerns.

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