July 31, 2007

Former oil executive to lead renewable fuels company

San Carlos, California – LS9 Inc., the Renewable Petroleum Company, has named Robert Walsh its new President, effective immediately. Walsh was with Royal Dutch Shell for 26 years, including General Manager Supply for Shell Europe Oil Products.

Walsh is expected to lead the rapid commercialization of LS9 DesignerBiofuels products, including a pilot facility leading to commercial production. The products are a family of fuels produced by microbes that have been specially engineered, via recently-developed methods of industrial synthetic biology. The company says that its fuels, which start as natural sources of sugar such as sugar cane and cellulosic biomass, have the potential to “fundamentally change the biofuels landscape, and set the stage for widespread product adoption and petroleum displacement.”

One of the company’s products is a biodiesel which it says overcomes key challenges associated with existing vegetable oil-based biodiesel, including quality consistency, scalability of feedstocks, product economics, and cold-flow properties.

“After years of leadership roles in the traditional petroleum industry and responsibility over all aspects of the hydrocarbon supply chain, I can see clearly how LS9’s products will fit into existing infrastructure and deliver significant value to partners and consumers compared with other biofuel alternatives,” Walsh says. “LS9 has the opportunity to fundamentally change the transportation fuel equation, which makes me incredibly excited to join this talented team.”

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