November 11, 2003

Former B.C. Premiers help BCAA launch its “Premier” memberships

Burnaby, B.C. – Former B.C. premiers, Glen Clark, Bill Vander Zalm and Dave Barrett helping the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) launch its newest level of membership – called BCAA Premier – by starring in three separate television commercials, which will air throughout the province starting November 11th.

The commercials will run for two five-week periods during primetime television programming and will feature the former premiers in unpleasant – but all too common – travel, insurance and vehicle breakdown situations.

BCAA’s Premier membership provides members with extra benefits to avoid situations like the ones depicted in the commercials. In addition to the basic BCAA services members receive, the Premier membership offers additional benefits such as increased tow limit, car replacement benefit with roadside breakdown, three-day annual travel medical insurance coverage, discounts on air travel booking fees, and more. The BCAA Premier membership starts at $139.00 a year plus GST, or just over $11.00 a month.

Former premiers Clark, Vander Zalm and Barrett were not paid to appear in the BCAA commercials. Instead, in return for their participation, BCAA will make a donation to a registered charity of their choosing. Clark’s charity of choice is the Buried Heart Society; Vander Zalm’s are the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada (British Columbia Division) and the Delta Community Living
Society, and; Barrett’s is the Tommy Douglas Research Institute.

“Each former premier has a long association with BCAA – in fact, Mr. Vander Zalm has been a member for nearly half a century,” adds Bullis. “BCAA is grateful to the former premiers for volunteering their time, and in return we’re pleased to be able to make a contribution in their name to the charity of their choice.”

BCAA is the province’s largest member services association, working on behalf of its 727,000 members.

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