The red sweater wearing executive could be returning to Seattle before his tenure at Ford is officially through

He could be seen as Ford’s saviour from bankruptcy. The personable CEO, famous for his red sweaters and media-friendly demeanour, is said to be the front runner to take over Steve Ballmer’s spot at the head of the table of Microsoft.

Mulally, who mortgaged Ford’s name for cash and brought about the Blue Oval’s successful One Ford plan, has helped Microsoft with their reorganization efforts recently. Ford has used Microsoft technology in their cars, being the first automaker to use the Redmond company’s automotive infotainment system in North America with Ford’s own SYNC branding.

Wall Street Journal’s blog reports people with knowledge of the situation said Mulally was “not seeking the job at first,” but “he has become more amenable to the idea in recent weeks.”

Mulally is the former CEO of airplane manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes, where he started his professional career as an engineer in 1969. He left the company for Ford in 2006. Mulally continues to hold residence in Seattle, near Microsoft and the former home of Boeing.

Mark Fields, Executive Vice President and President of The Americas for Ford Motor Company, is widely expected to take the helm upon Mulally’s departure.

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