Dearborn, Michigan – Ford Motor Company said it is aware of an Internet attack that uses the automaker’s name as ” bait” to distribute malware to users. Ford is collaborating with Google and other search engines on the black hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) attack.

The attacks work by misleading search engines to falsely promote malicious pages to the top of the search results. If a user visits one of the malicious sites, he is prompted to download and install a malicious “codec,” which then installs software that mimics anti-virus software.

The fake antivirus programs are designed to make users believe that their computers have been infected by malware, and are then offered the chance to buy a fake antivirus to clean their computers, through pop-ups and banner ads. If the victim does not buy the bogus anitivirus, the malicious code will prevent the computer from operating properly, in an attempt to coax users into buying the product.

For more information on the malware, visit Vimeo.

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