October 14, 2004

Ford unveils world’s cleanest internal combustion engine

Shanghai, China – Ford Motor Company unveiled the world’s cleanest internal combustion engine at the 2004 Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai. The new 2.3-litre hydrogen engine with Lean NOx Trap (LNT) aftertreatment, meets the stringent SULEV-Bin 2 emissions standards. Ford engineers are in the process of optimizing its calibration to give performance similar to a gasoline-powered engine. Limited production for real-world demonstration could come within 12 to 24 months.

First tests of the new hydrogen engine with LNT aftertreatment, produced nitrogen oxide results below the SULEV or Tier2-Bin 2 standard, the world’s cleanest. Subsequent tests were just as promising. Ford’s target is to meet these challenging emissions requirements, produce virtually no CO2 and deliver gasoline-like performance.

“This is exciting news,” said Sue Cischke, vice president, Environmental and Safety Engineering. “No company has ever demonstrated a hydrogen internal combustion engine that can meet these standards and have near zero carbon dioxide emissions. Another important chapter in environmental history has been written,” she said.

“Ford is the only automaker with a product plan and a development effort in place to move all of us to a hydrogen-powered future,” said Cischke. “This week, we’re showing what is available today and how it can lead to a emissions-free world with hydrogen fuel cells,” she said.

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