Dearborn, Michigan – Ford’s use of a new nylon resin made from recycled carpet saved more than 1.9 million kilograms of waste going into landfills in 2010, the company has reported.

Use of the resin, called EcoLon, has amounted to recycling more than 900,000 metres of carpet and reduced oil consumption by more than 1.6 million litres. The material, produced by Wellman Engineering Resins, is used to make cylinder head covers manufactured by Dana Holding for Ford’s 3.0- and 5.0-litre engines.

“By working with Wellman and Dana, Ford has found a way to bring ‘green’ applications to a new, unique location for our vehicles,” said Brett Hinds, Ford’s manager of engine design. “This single use has made an incredible impact, and we’re continuing to look for ways to expand the use.”

The engine cover is the first automotive product of its kind manufactured from post-consumer recycled nylon. Wellman grinds used nylon carpeting into fibre and recaptures the material through a proprietary and patented process. The resulting product is a high-quality nylon resin that is injection-molded to produce the covers.

Over the past several years, Ford has concentrated on increasing its use of non-metal recycled and bio-based materials, including soy foam seat cushions, recycled resins for underbody systems, recycled yarn on seat covers, and natural-fibre plastic for interior components.

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