Windsor, Ontario – The Government of Ontario and Ford of Canada have announced an investment to re-open the Ford Essex engine plant in Windsor, Ontario. The plant closed in November, 2007.

The provincial government has pledged $17 million for the plant, as part of a $170 million venture by Ford to put a new product line into the facility. The Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) reported that Ford had initially proposed a $300 million investment in the plant, but later scaled back plans after the federal government failed to come forward with a portion of $30 million.

The plant will employ 300 people and build a new engine; a second phase of the project could employ another 300 workers. The date for the re-opening has not yet been set. Windsor has the second-highest unemployment rate of any city in Canada, at 8.7 per cent.

“There is a chance to grow this program, if the federal government would do their part,” said CAW president Buzz Hargrove. “The fact that they have so far refused to support the auto industry is incredibly frustrating and short-sighted.”

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