March 30, 2007

Ford signs “Dashan” for Chinese ad campaign in Canada

Oakville, Ontario – Mark Rowswell, known to millions of Chinese by his stage name “Dashan”, has been signed by Ford of Canada to become the company’s spokesman for a Chinese-Canadian ad campaign. Rowswell is starring in Chinese-language television, radio and print advertising, as well as a dedicated Chinese-language Web site that will be one of the first of its kind within the Canadian automotive industry, which can be found at

“I think it’s great that Ford of Canada is making a special effort to reach out to Chinese Canadians, and I’m pleased to have this opportunity to help introduce such an outstanding company,” Rowswell says. “I hope that my work with Ford will especially help new immigrants get closer to life in Canada.”

Born and raised in Canada, Rowswell studied Chinese at the University of Toronto and later at Beijing University. While in Beijing, he developed an interest in traditional Chinese performing arts and had an opportunity to perform on television. Rowswell, who speaks perfect Mandarin, became an overnight success and has enjoyed a 19-year career as a top performer of traditional Chinese Xiangsheng comedy, as well as a host of variety and talk shows, and dramatic performances in television and on stage; his enormous fan base makes him the most recognized person in the world.

In November of 2006, the Canadian Olympic Committee named him to be the Canadian Team Attach

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