April 25, 2003

Ford shows car that glows at night

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Dearborn, Michigan – A Ford concept car that uses LED lights to change body panel colours, intensity and frequency is being shown at the “National Design Triennial: Inside Design Now,” a cutting-edge exhibit now on display at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in Detroit.

Developed by Ford’s Brand Imaging Group, the GloCar is intended to push the boundaries of automotive design and predict the future of consumer needs. Clad in injection-moulded translucent plastic panels, it uses LED lights to change the body panel color, intensity and frequency in response to safety conditions and user preferences.

“The soft glowing panels serve as a safety feature to make you very visible at night,” said Laurens van den Acker, chief designer at Ford’s Brand Imaging Group. “The rear panel doubles as a brake light, and the side panels as blinkers. When somebody comes too close, the panels increase in intensity, signaling the driver to keep a distance.”

Sixty percent of accidents happen at intersections at night.

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