Inkster, Michigan – Ford has announced it is opening an industry-first technology centre in Inkster, Michigan, dedicated to finding design solutions and repair procedures to lower the cost of auto repair, and ultimately drive down auto insurance premiums.

The new Ford Paint and Body Technology Center is intended to develop affordable, innovative vehicle designs, replacement parts, and repair procedures that lower the cost to fix a damaged vehicle.

“Our bottom line for this new initiative is simple,” said Darryl Hazel, president, customer service division. “If your vehicle costs less to repair, it’s going to cost less to insure. The work Ford will perform at the new Paint and Body Technology Center will help reduce insurers’ repair costs so they can drive down auto insurance premiums for consumers.”

The centre is funded by a US$650,000 investment by collision repair product, equipment and service suppliers. These partners, along with insurance companies, are providing repair recommendations early in a new vehicle’s development, and will also use the facility to train certified repair technicians.

The centre will merge operations with Ford’s existing Safety Crash Test Analysis building. Many new affordable repair designs are expected to be incorporated into vehicles earlier in development so they can be analyzed during crash and durability testing, and after crashes, the engineering team will work to develop specific repair procedure recommendations for body shops.

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