Dearborn, Michigan – Ford will be using wider, bolder fonts on its vehicle controls and screens to make them easier to read, especially for older drivers. The fonts will be increased by up to 40 per cent on upcoming vehicles, starting with the Edge and Explorer and eventually rolling out to other vehicles.

The company said that its “legibility study” used Ford engineers as younger subjects and local retirees for the older group. The study found that even small changes in the fonts used in interior graphics can make them easier and quicker for drivers of all ages to read and recognize.

“The key is to make the words and numbers a bit bolder but not overwhelming,” said research engineer Shannon O’Day. “If you choose wisely, the legibility of even relatively small text can be a comfortable reading experience. That is especially helpful for drivers on the move.”

The researchers found that while they looked particularly at the needs and limitations of older drivers with regard to legibility, younger drivers experienced issues with many of the same fonts, although at a lower rate.

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