May 31, 2002

Ford prepares for 100th anniversary in 2003

Dearborn, Michigan – Ford will commemorate its 100th anniversary on June 16, 2003 and plans are already underway to celebrate the occasion.

Ford’s 100th anniversary programs will be targeted primarily at key audiences such as company employees, dealers, suppliers, Ford car clubs and enthusiasts; but interest in the centennial of the company is widespread.

A special 100th anniversary website, accessible through, presently features stories about Henry Ford, the Model T and the Rouge complex, along with other facts and information. A key section of the site is called “Your Stories.” This interactive section allows site visitors to share their Ford stories – everything from their first Ford product to how the company has impacted their lives. The web-site will be continuously updated over the next year.

“Ford has touched the lives of people in virtually every corner of the world, and “Your Stories” gives all of us the opportunity to share our experiences,” said John Rintamaki, chief of staff, Ford Motor Company. “Not only has Ford been a driving force in the auto industry, but it has had a major impact on society, with revolutionary concepts such as the moving assembly line and the $5 a day workday.”

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