June 14, 2006

Ford plants in Ontario earn environmental honours

Windsor, Ontario – Two Ford Motor Company engine factories in Windsor, Ontario have earned Ford Environmental Leadership Awards for their savings in energy and cost. The plants named are Windsor Engine and Essex Engine.

The Windsor Engine Plant saved nearly $1 million when the plant’s crankshaft department successfully eliminated an oven, fired by natural gas, which had been used in a tempering process. The department is now able to harden crankshaft parts through self-tempering; the process also alleviates the plant from one of its furnace air permit requirements, since the furnaces are no longer in use.

The Essex Engine Plant had an inexplicable spike in its use of hydraulic oil and coolant, used in crankshaft production. A team evaluated the problem and implemented corrective action in only a week, saving the plant more than $22,000 each month.

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