November 9, 2006

Ford of Canada launches new online contest to promote 2007 Edge

2007 Ford Edge. Click image to enlarge

Toronto, Ontario – Ford of Canada has revived the popular contest of people keeping their hands on a vehicle to win it with an online competition as part of its marketing strategy for the all-new 2007 Ford Edge.

“There are a few new twists, but the basic elements of Ford’s Stay on the Edge online contest stay true to the original,” says Jeff Morton, eBusiness and CRM Manager, Ford of Canada. “To win, your virtual character has to be touching the vehicle. The main attraction is that no matter how many times you get knocked off, you can easily get back on the Edge.”

The contest is available at, which will be promoted through online advertising and through unique vignettes during programs on the Global Television Network. Viewers will think they are watching the program, but in reality they are watching a spot on the Ford Edge.

Contestants in the online contest have a chance to win an Apple iPod awarded daily, and one lucky person will win a 2007 Ford Edge. Once visitors sign up for the contest, their character makes its way onto the Edge; there are over forty ways to get pushed off, but when this happens, a notification is sent instantly by email or text message, and a reply or following the instructions will put the character back on the Edge, with another chance to win.

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