Ford Model T
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Dearborn, Michigan – Ford has begun preparations for a year-long celebration to honour the Model T, which was first produced on October 1, 1908, and will be the title sponsor of the largest Model T centennial celebration in the world.

The celebrations will officially commence at the 2008 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Amelia Island, Florida on March 7, and will include displays at the Fabulous Fords Forever event at Knott’s Berry Farm in Anaheim, California on April 20 and the Model T Ford Club of America’s T Party 2008 in Richmond, Indiana in July.

The T Party, scheduled for July 21 to 26, is expected to draw close to 1,000 vehicles, the largest gathering of Model Ts since they left the factory. More than 700 cars are already registered, including entries from England, Norway, Australia and New Zealand. More information can be found at

“The Ford Model T is rightly credited with putting the world on wheels, and its influence can still be felt today,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services. “We’re proud to join in the celebration of one hundred years of fantastic Ford heritage and innovation with Model T enthusiasts from around the world, and we look forward to carrying the legacy and spirit of the Model T into the future.”

The Model T was the first low-priced, mass-produced automobile with standard, interchangeable parts and is credited with being the vehicle that put America “on wheels”. More than 15 million Model Ts were sold over its lifespan; the model ceased production on May 16, 1927. In 1999, a panel of 133 automotive journalists and experts named it the Car of the Century after seven rounds of balloting over three years from an original list of 700 candidates.

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