A return of Ranger-sized pickups at Ford will continue to be dreams for us, says spokesperson

While USA Today was happy to add some fuel to the compact and midsize truck fire last week, the return of a truck smaller than the F-150 at Ford may be a long way off, if at all.

After the story ran, the folks at AutoGuide posed the question to Mike Levine, Ford’s Truck Communcations Manager. His reply towed the company line.

From AutoGuide:

He answered, “No. We are continuing to invest in and expand our F-Series lineup for the North American market and are confident that our new F-Series addresses the needs of the U.S. pickup buyer. Additionally, our Transit Connect lineup addresses the needs of buyers looking for utility in a compact size.”

So, if you want a small Ford pickup, the Blue Oval’s solution right now is a van, because a van is a pickup in the eyes of Ford.


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