November 30, 2007

Ford joins Suppliers Partnership for the Environment

Washington, D.C. – The Ford Motor Company has announced it has joined the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP). The SP is a partnership between automobile original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

SP addresses the goals of the membership by creating business-centered approaches to environmental protection that improve the environment, while providing value throughout the automobile supply chain. It provides a forum for small, mid-sized and large automotive and vehicle suppliers to work together, learn from each other, and share environmental best practices.

“Ford Motor Company is pleased to be part of the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment,” said Andy Hobbs, director, Environmental Quality Office, Ford Motor Company. “We believe that our membership in SP is another indication of Ford Motor Company’s continued leadership in global environmental and sustainability activities that improve the environment while providing increased economic opportunities for the automobile supply chain. We look forward to working with SP and helping the organization expand its reach within the automobile supply chain, while addressing important environmental and sustainability issues within the automobile industry.”

Chrysler and General Motors are also members of SP, along with such companies as DENSO International, Gage Products, General Oil Company, Johnson Controls and Quaker Chemical.

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