February 13, 2006

Ford joins European bio-ethanol initiatives

Cologne, Germany – Ford has underlined its commitment to bio-ethanol initiatives by joining two European alternative fuel projects, PROCURA and BEST.

PROCURA is a three-year project, initiated last Friday in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and which follows the January 25 launch of the BEST (BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport) initiative in Stockholm, Sweden. Both projects, partially funded by the European Union, assist the market development of alternative fuels and vehicles. BEST, which focuses on bio-ethanol, has pilot projects planned or underway with Ford vehicles in Ireland, the U.K., Spain, Italy and the Netherlands; PROCURA is establishing test programs in Italy, Portugal, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands for bio-ethanol, biodiesel and natural gas.

Ford has sold more than 17,000 flexible-fuel (FFV) Focus and Focus C-MAX models in Sweden, which became the first European country to introduce FFVs. This accounts for 80 per cent of all Focus sales and 40 per cent of all Ford sales in Sweden. The vehicles are now on sale in Germany, the U.K., The Netherlands, Austria and Ireland, and are ready to be sold in France, with other countries expected to follow. Ford’s FFVs are capable of running on E85 (85 per cent bio-ethanol and 15 per cent gasoline), gasoline only, or any mix of both in one fuel tank.

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