Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has issued its latest recalls, which may affect some Ford and Volkswagen vehicles.

2008-2009 Ford F250 Super Duty
2008-2009 Ford F350 Super Duty
Vehicles affected: 13,865

On certain vehicles, the factory-installed Continental ContiTrack tires may experience uneven wear, vibration, or particularly under condition of overloading or under-inflation in high ambient temperatures, separation between the belt edges which could lead to tread detachment. Dealers will replace the affected tires.

2011 Volkswagen Jetta
Vehicles affected: 19,496
On certain vehicles, the converter box is protected by the same fuse as the horn and anti-theft alarm system. If the fuse is blown, the converter box would disconnect from the power supply. This in turn shuts off applications such as the engine management system, lighting system and wipers. Should this occur when the vehicle is being driven, the engine would stall and the headlamps and wipers would turn off. Dealers will separate the wiring for the horn and theft protection from the power supply of the converter box, and route the wires to separate fuses.

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