February 15, 2001

Ford Focus ZX5
Ford Focus ZX5
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Ford introduces 2002 Focus ZX5 four-door hatchback

Toronto, Ontario – Ford introduced a new, four-door 2002 Focus ZX5 model that will arrive in Ford showrooms this Fall. The four-door hatchback model will join the two-door hatchback, four-door sedan, and four-door wagon models.

“Focus ZX5 is aimed at those who love the edgy styling, solid performance and handling of ZX3, but need the functionality of four doors with versatile seating and a rear hatch,” said Martin Inglis, vice president, Ford North America Consumer Business Group.

With the exception of the VW Golf, four-door hatchbacks haven’t proved popular in North America. Ford believes there will be a resurgence in the popularity of four-door hatchbacks.

“We believe a resurgence in the popularity of the versatile, stylish five-door could well be in the cards for the North American market..because today’s buyers have become so accustomed to the shape and functionality of SUVs and minivans,” said Inglis. (Ford refers to the four-door hatchback as a ‘five-door’.)

In Europe, where the three-door, four-door sedan, wagon and four-door hatchback are all marketed, the four door hatchback is the most popular model in the Focus lineup. Mazda and Hyundai also introduced new four-door hatchback models at the Toronto show, the Prot

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