Oakville Assembly will build new global Edge for export

After an investment of $700 million in Ford’s Oakville Assembly facility, the Blue Oval is looking to hire new workers in a big way to fulfill production goals.

The growth is needed to build the new Ford Edge crossover that will be exported from Canada and sold as a global product as a 2015 model. The plant will also continue to produce the Ford Flex, Lincoln MKX, and Lincoln MKT.

“The new 2015 Ford Edge sets a new standard in its class and will show countries around the world Canadian quality at its best,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of The Americas. “New jobs at Oakville Assembly will strengthen our investment in Canada and increase our capabilities as we gear up for one of the most anticipated launches at Ford.”

As we previously reported, Oakville Assembly will also produce a long-wheelbase version of the Ford Edge for the Chinese market.


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