April 9, 2003

Ford funds Canadian research on child safety in vehicles

Oakville, Ontario – Ford Motor Company is providing up to $200,000 to a Canadian-based research project that will study the effects of vehicle crashes and safety restraint systems on small children.

The commitment, renewable each of the next three years, will support a team of 15 researchers working to reduce severe injury and death among young children involved in automobile crashes.
Leading the team of researchers is Andrew Howard, M.D. of the University of Toronto and The Hospital for Sick Children. He said, “The majority of injuries sustained by children in auto accidents are preventable.”

Ford of Canada president and CEO Alain Batty said, “Our children represent our future and that’s why this project is important to all of us. Ford of Canada is pleased that we can contribute to this valuable research.”

Dr. Howard’s team is also comprised of researchers at Ryerson University and The University of Windsor. The doctors’ and clinical investigators’ research is based on real-world collisions using computerized car crash simulations.

“Our studies are strengthened because of Ford’s assistance. By involving those who make cars in the first place, we are able to make real progress towards injury prevention. Canadian life involves driving and crashes are going to happen. Together with Ford, we are trying to eliminate or minimize injuries that occur,” said Dr. Howard.

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