Dearborn, Michigan – Customers in the U.S. tend to prefer specific vehicles and colours depending on their region, according to new sales data research by Ford, which analyzes it to ensure ample supply for different parts of the country.

The company found that Philadelphia is its top market for blue cars, while Houston leads the country in percentage of pickup truck sales, and diesel engines and four-wheel drive sell best in Denver, Colorado.

Much of the data followed logical patterns, such as white being popular in Phoenix, Arizona where its reflective properties help with the heat, but less likely was that the second-most popular market for white Ford vehicles is in Memphis, Tennessee, for reasons the company has yet to determine. Red is most popular with customers in Cincinnati, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Detroit, Kansas City and Pittsburgh. Conversely, New York City is in the bottom three markets for percentage of red Ford vehicles, instead topping the lists for black and grey.

Convertibles sell best in Los Angeles, with Miami close behind, but New York and San Francisco are also in the top five metro markets for percentage of convertible sales. Buyers in Seattle choose the highest percentage of small cars, while Houston leads in both pickup and SUV sales.

San Francisco and Seattle are the top two metro areas for percentage of Escape and Fusion hybrid models, followed by Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Boston. The top V8 markets are Houston, Memphis, Dallas, Denver, and Minneapolis/St. Paul, while the highest four-cylinder sales are in Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia. Despite its reputation for V8 power, Detroit is the top U.S. market for V6 engines.

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