August 9, 2005

Ford feeling squeezed out on hybrid components, reports Green Car Congress

Dearborn, Michigan – The Green Car Congress, citing the Detroit News, reports that Ford suspects it may be getting squeezed out of critical component supplies for hybrid vehicles by Toyota and Honda.

The components manufacturers are longtime suppliers and, in some cases, affiliates of the two Japanese automakers. In addition to the Ford Escape Hybrid, the company also produces the Mercury Mariner gasoline/electric SUV for the U.S. market. However, its transmission supplier, Aisin Seiki Company Ltd., can only boost deliveries by 20 per cent, to 24,000 transmissions per year. Aisin Seiki is minority-controlled by Toyota.

The report says that Toyota officials say the company has no desire or motive to limit component supplies to Ford, or to any other automaker.

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