March 7, 2003

Ford expands Extreme Cold Weather Test Facility in Manitoba

Thompson, Manitoba – Ford Motor Company opened a new 581 square metre garage at
their Extreme Cold Weather Test Facility in Thompson Manitoba today. Ford Motor
Company’s decision to consolidate all of their brands North American extreme cold
weather testing in Thompson, Manitoba has resulted in the need to expand the
facility at the Thompson Airport location.

Ford Motor Company has also signed a ten-year extension to their lease on the
facility with Triple K Properties effective March 1, 2003.

VIP’s attending the opening in included Gilles Contant, Vice President of Customer
Service, Ford Motor Company of Canada; MaryAnn Mihychuk, Honorable Minister of
Industry, Trade and Mines, Province of Manitoba; Councillor Adrian deGroot, Town of
Thompson, Manitoba; and John Kelleher, President and Secretary, Triple K Properties.

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