March 24, 2005

Ford Escape Hybrid tackles New York commutes

New York, New York – Just prior to the start of the New York auto show, five Ford Escape Hybrids took on morning rush-hour traffic to test the routes New Yorkers identified as the most heavily congested commutes into Manhattan.

Ford Escape Hybrid tackles New York commute
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The route named the winner of “New York’s Longest Miles” was Route 78 from Jersey City into the Holland Tunnel, taking 40 minutes to drive 9.6 miles (15.4 km) in the worst stretch of the commute.

During the challenge, the Escape Hybrid had an average fuel of economy of 6.46 L/100km. A typical SUV averages 14.26 L/100km in city driving, and can’t match the Hybrid’s partial zero emissions. Ford estimated this would save the average New York commuter US$1,315 per year over a conventional SUV.

The test came on the heels of record-high gasoline prices, with some New York stations charging US$2.39 per gallon, and peaking in Malibu, California at US$3.05. One year ago, the national average was US$1.74 per gallon.

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