Hydrogen-powered Ford bus
Hydrogen-powered Ford bus. Click image to enlarge

Detroit, Michigan – The Ford Motor Company has delivered two hydrogen-fuelled Ford E450 shuttle buses to be used for transporting airline passengers between terminals at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The delivery is the result of a partnership with Ford, the Wayne County Airport Authority and the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, and is being funded with a Department of Energy grant.

“These buses represent part of Ford Motor Company’s strategy to deliver transportation solutions that emit less CO2 and reduce our dependence on oil,” said Ziad Ojakli, Ford group vice president, Government and Community Relations. “We are pleased to partner with the State of Michigan and Wayne County to place these buses into service so that locals and visitors alike will be able to experience this unique form of clean transportation. These buses also serve as a visible demonstration of Michigan’s commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility.”

The E450 shuttle buses are powered by a 6.8-litre V10 internal combustion engine that has been supercharged and modified to run exclusively on hydrogen fuel. They will be fuelled by a hydrogen pumping station located in Taylor, Michigan, located just east of the airport.

Ford was the first automaker to deliver hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles for real-world use in several cities, including ten buses in Ottawa, Vancouver and on Prince Edward Island. To date, 23 of the 30 buses built have been delivered to customers for commercial use.

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