Aug 16, 2007

Ford delivers four ethanol-fueled Escape E85 Hybrids to Kansas City government

Kansas City, Missouri – Ford Motor Company delivered four of its demonstration fleet of ethanol-fueled Escape hybrids to the State of Missouri (1) and the Kansas City Power & Light (3) at Ford’s Kansas City Plant, home of the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrid vehicles. The use of the vehicles will help expand the state’s use of alternative energy.

The Ford E85 Escape Hybrid is the world’s first hybrid vehicle capable of operating on blends of fuel containing as much as 85 percent ethanol – a renewable fuel that can be produced from American-grown corn or sugar beets. A total of 20 Ford E85 Escape Hybrids will be delivered to select fleet customers in six states.

Kansas City Power & Light’s E85 Escape Hybrids will be used by one of its field design groups that work in the company’s service territory. They’ll be used in urban settings, primarily to take advantage of the hybrids abilities in city driving settings.

The E85 Escape Hybrid produces about 25 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a gasoline-fueled Escape Hybrid. It also runs on a renewable fuel, which can help reduce the nation’s dependence on imported oil.

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