December 5, 2007

Ford delivers first Escape Plug-In Hybrid to Southern California Edison

Plug-in hybrid Ford Escape
Plug-in hybrid Ford Escape.

Anaheim, California – Ford has delivered the first of 20 Escape Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) research vehicles to Southern California Edison, to begin road testing as part of a partnership between the automaker and utility company.

The Escape PHEV can deliver up to 120 mpg US (1.9 L/100 km) using high-voltage lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle uses common 120-volt household current and takes six to eight hours to fully charge. The vehicle is not limited to a specific range, because once the battery charge has been deleted, the vehicle continues to operate as a conventional Ford Escape Hybrid.

The delivery comes five months after Ford and Southern California Edison announced a collaboration to advance the commercialization of plug-ins by exploring new technologies and business models when the battery is connected to the home and, in time, the electrical grid. The two companies are also exploring ways to help lower the cost of PHEVs to make them more affordable to consumers.

The companies will jointly conduct testing of the vehicles, some of which may be evaluated in typical customer settings to model overall home and grid values. The companies say the cost of advanced lithium-ion batteries means the technology is not currently economically feasible for widespread vehicle application.

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