December 15, 2005

Ford begins production of flexible-fuel F-150 trucks

Kansas City, Missouri – Ford has commenced production of its first F-150 flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs), as part of its commitment to produce 250,000 FFVs in the coming year. The new trucks are capable of running on gasoline, or on ethanol blends up to E85, a mixture of 85 per cent ethanol and 15 per cent gasoline.

The flexible fuel technology is being built into the 5.4-litre V8 engine and Ford says it will be available to consumers at no extra cost. The engine will feature the same horsepower and torque as an engine designed strictly for gasoline.

Ethanol is produced primarily from corn and is generally less expensive than regular unleaded gasoline; it is becoming popular in the U.S. because it supports jobs in the Midwest where the corn is grown and it is expected to reduce the country’s dependency on foreign oil. There are approximately five million FFVs currently on the road, although only about 500 of the more than 180,000 fuel stations in the U.S. currently offer E85.

Ford also offers flexible fuel technology on the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury (Ford) Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car.

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