Dearborn, Michigan – On the 100th anniversary of Ford Model T production, the Ford Motor Company announced the winners of a four-month student competition to create a Model T concept for the 21st century.

Student teams at Aachen University of Cologne, Germany, and Deakin University of Melbourne, Australia, each earned their schools US$25,000 in scholarship funds with their designs. The concepts had to be simple, lightweight, practical, compelling and low-cost.

“It’s not often we celebrate the centennial anniversary of an iconic vehicle, so we created the Model T Challenge as an opportunity for students to conceptualize future transportation in a way that is unique to Ford,” said Bill Coughlin, president and CEO of Ford Global Technologies. “To date, there has never been a vehicle that has left such an impact on the lives of millions, and Ford challenged students to present an alternative that just might do so again.”

Student teams from Germany, Australia, Michigan and Pennsylvania each received US$75,000 to support the creation of a concept through sketches, models, research papers and, potentially, even working models that delivered on the brief. The cars had to accommodate at least two people, have a range of at least 200 km, and have a base price of no more than US$7,000. Five judges from Ford Motor Company selected the winners.

The Aachen University students created the “2015 Ford Model T” of a basic structure with derivatives including a compact pickup, sedan, and mini city car, with a simple steel body that could be built using standard tools. The Deakin University students created the “Model T2”, a three-wheel vehicle platform with a novel steering system and compressed air rotary hub motors.

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