October 9, 2002

Ford announces recall of 424,164 Taurus and Sable models

Dearborn, Michigan – Ford Motor Company announced a voluntary recall of approximately 424,164 2000-2002 model year Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable cars with adjustable pedals. Only the Taurus model is sold in Canada. The cars were built between May 3, 1999, and Sept. 14, 2001.

Ford has received reports that some of the cars may have less lateral space between the brake pedal and accelerator than others, resulting in pedal misapplication. A Ford investigation determined that manufacturing variability could lead to different spacing between the pedals.

The adjustable function, which allows drivers to simultaneously move the brake and accelerator closer or farther away from them, does not affect lateral spacing. However, Ford urges all customers to familiarize themselves with pedal adjustment and positioning before driving. Other vehicles with adjustable pedals are not affected by this action.

Ford introduced power adjustable accelerator and brake pedals on the Taurus and Sable for the 2000 model year, and they remain one of the most popular comfort and convenience features offered.

Ford will notify customers through the mail to bring their vehicles to a Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer for an inspection and, if necessary, a no-cost adjustment.

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