June 30, 2006

Ford and VeraSun launch first U.S. “ethanol corridor”

St. Louis, Missouri – The Ford Motor Company, in partnership with VeraSun Energy Corporation, has launched the first “ethanol corridor” in the U.S. in Illinois and Missouri. The Midwest Ethanol Corridor will boost the availability of E85 (85 per cent ethanol, 15 per cent gasoline) to drivers of flexible fuel vehicles (FFV). The conversions, in stations located primarily along interstates I-55 in Illinois and I-70 in Missouri, will expand E85 availability by approximately one-third in the two states.

Ford currently offers four FFVs in the U.S.: the 2006 F-150, Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car. But out of more than 180,000 retail fuel stations in the U.S., fewer than 750 offer E85.

The corridor was designed to provide FFV owners the ability to drive between Chicago and Kansas City on the interstate corridors, fuelling exclusively with E85. The company will also focus on customer outreach to increase consumer awareness of E85, and is currently running an E85-themed ad campaign in selected markets in Illinois and Missouri. For more information on E85, visit www.85fuel.com.

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