Dearborn, Michigan – Ford has announced that it has added standard Trailer Sway Control to its list of safety technologies on the new 2009 Explorer. The system works with AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control (RSC) to add an extra layer of security for Explorer drivers who tow with their vehicles.

“When we first introduced AdvanceTrac with RSC on the Explorer in 2004, we offered customers enhanced safety by including roll sensing,” said Steve Kozak, Ford’s chief safety engineer. “Now with Trailer Sway Control, we are helping our customers who tow trailers achieve an enhanced level of control of their load. Ford is committed to continuing to develop features and technologies that help make the driving experience easier and safer.”

Unlike competitors’ electronic stability control systems that only use yaw rate sensing, the Explorer’s system utilizes a roll-rate sensor to determine the vehicle’s body roll-rate and roll angle, along with yaw raw sensing. If the roll-rate sensor detects a significant roll angle, the system applies additional countermeasures, such as applying brakes to one or more wheels or reducing engine power, to help the driver maintain control of the vehicle.

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