August 4, 2006

Ford adds more vehicles to speed control safety recall

Dearborn, Michigan – The Ford Motor Company has announced that it is supplementing a 2005 recall on the speed control deactivation system on certain vehicles. The supplement will now include certain speed control-equipped gasoline or natural gas 1994-2002 F-250 through F-550 F-Super Duty trucks, 2000-2002 Excursions, 1994-1996 Econoline vans and 1996-2002 E-450 vans, as well as speed control-equipped 1998 Explorers and Mountaineers. Ford estimates there are approximately 1.2 million of these vehicles currently on U.S. roads.

The recall identified an issue between the speed control deactivation switch and the brake system that could potentially cause the switch to overheat and ultimately catch fire. In 2005, Ford recalled approximately five million vehicles to add a fused wiring harness to the switch, to eliminate the potential risk of fire if the switch leaked.

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by mail; more information is available at

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