And before you ask, no, you can’t have it

If you’re a comically-evil villain living in the Middle East and your last weapon of superhero destruction came in under budget, we’ve found a way for you to use those excess funds for good (and for yourself).

Aston Martin has taken the wraps off their next Lagonda and, thankfully, it isn’t an ugly SUV nobody wanted.

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Seen here in Oman undergoing hot weather testing, the Aston Martin Lagonda will only be available in the Middle East. So, if you are a comically-evil domestic villain, you’ll have to stick to buying Maseratis for now.

While details are thin at the moment, rumours put a 6.0-litre V12 engine under the hood. However, it could easily be housing an AMG-built powerplant, thanks to Aston Martin’s new found partnership with the Germans.

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